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Working principle of vacuum drying oven Lab

Working Principle Of Vacuum Drying Oven Lab

Vacuum drying chambers are used in many areas of science and industry in order to dry heat-sensitive materials quickly and effectively. Conventional drying processes can damage heat-sensitive materials such as food, medication, chemicals or electronic components, or change their product properties.

The normalizing technology of 13crmo44 material equivalent

The Normalizing Technology Of 13crmo44 Material Equivalent

In addition, the toughness of 27SiMn steel does not decrease much during heat treatment, but it has quite high strength and wear resistance, especially when water quenching still has high toughness but this steel is highly sensitive to white spots and has temper brittleness during heat treatment. Tendency and sensitivity to overheating.

Rotary Dryer by Zhengzhou Yufeng Heavy Machinery Co Ltd

Rotary Dryer By Zhengzhou Yufeng Heavy Machinery Co Ltd

This type of dryer is suitable for drying heat sensitive material which is light and small like sawdust, rice shell, milled stalks etc. General Wet material can be dried in a few minutes. Compared with rotary dryer, it has the advantages of low energy comsumption, low cost.

Cottonseed Oil Plant Cottonseed Oil Mill Machinery

Cottonseed Oil Plant Cottonseed Oil Mill Machinery

As a result, it can reduce the investment of cottonseed oil plant, improve the oil recovery rate and free from washing wastewater treatment problems gossypol and other heat-sensitive materials in miscella can be removed effectively before solvent evaporation, which avoids the coking in the machine after heating, thus conducive to the ...

Fish microwave drying equipment Seafood microwave dryer

Fish Microwave Drying Equipment Seafood Microwave Dryer

Fish is an important source of high-quality protein required in human diet. But fresh fish contains up to 80% moisture. It is a highly perishable material and having a short storage life. Therefore, the study of the drying kinetics of fish is necessary. Our fish microwave drying equipment is very suitable for fish. fish microwave drying equipment

China Scraper Collect Material Type Brewer Yeast Drum

China Scraper Collect Material Type Brewer Yeast Drum

2. Widely used. The dryer is available for drying the raw material with a large moisture content range. We could get the best drying effect by adjusting the feeding rate, the thickness of the pavement, drum rotating speed, feeding form, etc. 3. Short retention time. Drying time only remains 10-15 seconds, it is suitable for heat-sensitive material.