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Prediction and analysis of cold rolling mill vibration

Prediction And Analysis Of Cold Rolling Mill Vibration

Nov 01, 2020 The vibration amplitude of the rolling mill in the stable rolling stage was analyzed by collecting the vibration data of the rolling mill under different rolling process conditions. Considering the mill vibration was a complex nonlinear problem, the machine learning algorithms were used to investigate the vibration phenomena in rolling mill.

VibrationBased Condition Monitoring of Rolling Mill

Vibrationbased Condition Monitoring Of Rolling Mill

Vibration Based Condition Monitoring of Rolling Mill V inod D.TIrpude, Jayant P.Modak, Girish D. Mehta Abstract All over the India, most of the processing industries are involved with rolling operations for steel and alloyed materials. To perform these operations, rolling mills are used.

Vibration analysis and numerical simulation of rolling

Vibration Analysis And Numerical Simulation Of Rolling

Jan 01, 2021 The friction characteristics of rolling interface play a considerable role in rolling stability. In this work, vertical vibration speed is introduced into the Krmn equation. An unsteady lubrication model considering entraining and squeezing effect is proposed. Additionally, a dynamic chatter model is developed by coupling the improved rolling force and unsteady lubrication model.

Vibration Characteristics of Rolling Mill System under

Vibration Characteristics Of Rolling Mill System Under

Jan 19, 2021 The vibration of rolling mill system is influenced by the nonlinear spring force and nonlinear friction force of the hydraulic cylinder of rolling mill. By taking different nonlinear spring force and friction coefficient, the variation law of time-domain response is simulated and analyzed.

Study on vibration characteristics of rolling mill based

Study On Vibration Characteristics Of Rolling Mill Based

A mill rolls model with vibration absorber device. The influence of nonlinear spring force of hydraulic cylinder system on vibration characteristics of the rolling mill system was studied, on the basis of the viewpoint of nonlinear dynamics 21.

Vibration analysis of Sendzimir cold rolling mill and

Vibration Analysis Of Sendzimir Cold Rolling Mill And

Jinchen Ji. Undesirable vibrations that occurred in cold rolling mills, widely known as chatter, are studied in this article by considering the interaction of three types of vibrations, namely ...

Detecting critical vibrations in rolling mills iba

Detecting Critical Vibrations In Rolling Mills Iba

Jun 13, 2019 Cold rolling mills show a complex vibration behavior, consisting of natural vibrations of the plant mechanics as well as excitations from the drive or bearings but also vibrations caused by defects. The aim of the monitoring is to detect vibrations that are caused by external excitation or faults.

Rolling process and its influence analysis on hot

Rolling Process And Its Influence Analysis On Hot

Nov 09, 2016 Rolling mill vibration is a worldwide problem, although it has been found that the mill structure defects are the main cause of vibration, but the inhibition measures are difficult to implement. So we discussed the rolling force parameters influence on rolling mill vibration and suppression measures from rolling technology in this article. The results show that the rolling force is increased ...

Vibration analysis of a Sendzimir cold rolling mill and

Vibration Analysis Of A Sendzimir Cold Rolling Mill And

Dec 09, 2009 Vibration analysis of a Sendzimir cold rolling mill and bearing fault detection E Brusa, L Lemma, and D Benasciutti Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 2009 224 8 , 1645-1654

Vibration In Vertical Roller Mills

Vibration In Vertical Roller Mills

Aug 19, 2018 The vertical vibration often occurs during the rolling production, which has an influence on the accuracy of rolling mill. In order to effectively suppress the vertical vibration of the rolling equipment, the rolling mill model with vibration absorber device was established. Based on the main resonance singularity of the rolling mill system ...

811 Frequency analysis of chatter vibrations in tandem

811 Frequency Analysis Of Chatter Vibrations In Tandem


Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the

Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of The

3.1. Vibration Measurement of the Rolling Mill The cold rolling process is usually conducted with a workpiece that is initially at room temperature. A schematic illustration of the 6-high cold rolling mill is shown in Fig. 1.11) The stands are arranged to produce a sequential reduc-tion in the thickness of the strip. Work rolls are the tools

Chatter Marks and Vibration Analysis in a S6High Cold

Chatter Marks And Vibration Analysis In A S6high Cold

Request PDF Chatter Marks and Vibration Analysis in a S6-High Cold Rolling Mill S6-high rolling mill is an advanced mode to work the steel it allows the use of very small work rolls laterally ...

Vibration Analysis IVC Technologies

Vibration Analysis Ivc Technologies

We are the only company in the United States hosting Vibration Analysis Level 1 and 2 courses which are taught by an ASNT PdM Level III certificate holder endorsed in both Vibration Analysis and Thermal/Infrared. We are the only company in the United States with an on-site training center that includes dynamic equipment in our mill test lab area.

measurement units of vibration in roll mills

Measurement Units Of Vibration In Roll Mills

22 Vibration Monitoring of Cold Rolling Mills. 22 Vibration Monitoring of Cold Rolling Mills , To measure the vibration of the roll stand direct , in the control unit of the roll stand and it. Service Online Vibration Measurement For Coal Crusher.

Analysis on Mechanical Behavior of Rollshaft During Three

Analysis On Mechanical Behavior Of Rollshaft During Three

Rolling force is the source of load and incentive of the three-roll planetary rolling mill. The deformation and vibration of rolling mill structure caused by the rolling force during the rolling process will affect the quality of rolling. The value and the change law of the rolling force were obtained by using MSC.Marc software, based on the large deformation elastic-plastic finite element ...

Vibration analysis on vertical roller mill

Vibration Analysis On Vertical Roller Mill

Vibration analysis on vertical roller mill Products. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, Vibration analysis on vertical roller mill, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.

Verticalhorizontal coupling nonlinear vibration

Verticalhorizontal Coupling Nonlinear Vibration

Mar 10, 2021 The vibration phenomenon of the rolling mill always exists during working. The vibration of the rolling mill not only reduces the quality of the products, but also damages the equipment in severe cases and even leads to huge economic losses 1, 2.In order to avoid the vibration of the rolling mill, a lot of research work has been carried out in recent years 3,4,5,6,7.

Hopf Bifurcation Control for Rolling Mill MultipleMode

Hopf Bifurcation Control For Rolling Mill Multiplemode

Aug 17, 2017 Vibration Instability in Rolling Mills Modeling and Experimental Results J. Vib. Acoust (April,2002) Complexification-Averaging Analysis on a Giant Magnetostrictive Harvester Integrated With a Nonlinear Energy Sink

Characteristic of torsional vibration of mill main drive

Characteristic Of Torsional Vibration Of Mill Main Drive

Dec 31, 2015 JIN B Q, LIANG Y W, XIONG S B, et al. Vibration analysis of rolling mill servo screwdown systemJ. Journal of Vibration, Measurement Diagnosis, 2008, 28(2) 9195. (in Chinese) Google Scholar 6 WANG Q Y, JIANG Z Y, ZHAO J W, et al. Multi-factor coupling system characteristic of the dynamic roll gap in the high-speed rolling mill during ...

VerticalHorizontal Coupling Vibration of Hot Rolling Mill

Verticalhorizontal Coupling Vibration Of Hot Rolling Mill

The existing modeling and analysis of rolling mills have been conducted by considering a single-vibration direction, such as vertical vibration, horizontal vibration, or torsional vibration this makes it impossible to accurately capture the characteristics of the rolling process and fully explain the complex phenomena that occur during vibration.

Vibration analysis of a Sendzimir cold rolling mill and

Vibration Analysis Of A Sendzimir Cold Rolling Mill And

Abstract The presence of several rolls in cluster cold rolling mills makes on-line vibration monitoring and failure analysis difficult. The dynamic behaviour of rolls strongly depends on the rolling pressure in the roll bite. Strip vibration applies a dynamic component on the rolling force acting on the work roll and may excite the resonance of the mill stand.

Analysis on Vibration of Rolling rolls Grinder

Analysis On Vibration Of Rolling Rolls Grinder

The vibration source of the rolling rolls grinder mainly comes from the following aspects (1) The grinding wheel drive motor is unbalanced and generates vibration, which is the main factor. (2) The grinding wheel is not in dynamic and static balance and vibrates when rotating. (3) The length or tightness of the driving V-belt is inconsistent ...

Research on the Vibration of Rolling Mill

Research On The Vibration Of Rolling Mill

Abstract The vibration influence on the quality of strip for 2180mm six-high cold tandem rolling mill is discussed. The abnormal frequency of mill is analysis by spot examination. The methods of numerical computation and finite element method simulation by the ANSYS are adopted to set up dynamic model of six-high mill.


Research On The Vibration Of Cold Rolling Mill F5

Serious vibration occurred on the F5 stand when producing thin strips on a 1550 cold tandem mill. The field test showed that the dominant frequency of the vibration is 144 Hz, which was close to the natural frequency of the F5 stand. Moreover, there were many excitation frequencies in the strip excitation spectrum and the servovalve pressure spectrum of the screwdown system.

Fault Detection of Roller Bearing Using Vibration

Fault Detection Of Roller Bearing Using Vibration

Fault Detection of Roller Bearing Using Vibration Analysis . Rabinarayan Sethi. 1.Subhasini Muduli. 2 . AbstractThe rolling elementbearings are commonly used in rotating machinery, it mostly covers a broad range of rotating machinery and plays a significant role in industrial applications which is considered as a most critical element.

Torsional Vibration Analysis of Drive System for 6High

Torsional Vibration Analysis Of Drive System For 6high

The torsional vibration model of main drive system for 6-high cold rolling mill was established. Calculation formula of torque amplification factor (TAF) of main drive system was put forward when the clearance exists or not. The TAF-curve, changing by the biting time of blank, was drawn, and whether torsional vibration could cause mechanical failure in weak link of main drive system was judged.

A Review on Chatter Analysis in Cold Rolling process

A Review On Chatter Analysis In Cold Rolling Process

A Review on Chatter Analysis in Cold Rolling process Asit Kumar Choudhary*, Vinay S Gujre and Rahul Kumar Verma ... rolling mill was derived analytically using the factors causing negative and positive damping 8. ... vibration. Usually, vibration decreases with the increase of the friction coefficient. The higher friction coefficient leads to ...

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Vibration

Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of The Vibration

2.2. Vibration Measurement. In order to investigate the properties of chatter vibration in hot plate mill, we used the control system to measure hot plate rolling parameters such as the rolling force, rotational speed of the roll, and the gap of the rolls, as shown Fig. 2.The gap between the work rolls is measured after the calibration operation is performed by the slab thickness measuring ...

Rolling Mill Equipment Fault Analysis

Rolling Mill Equipment Fault Analysis

Mar 31, 2021 Rolling mill equipment rolling shaft vibration fault and its causes the rolling bearing fault is caused by the running frequency and scale value difference is too far, either too high or too low. Under such operating frequency, it is easy for the bearing to conflict with the surrounding environment in the rolling process.

Coupling vibration model for hot rolling mills and its

Coupling Vibration Model For Hot Rolling Mills And Its

C OUPLING VIBRATION MODEL FOR HOT ROLLING MILLS AND ITS APPLICATION. JIMIN W U, X IAOQIANG Y AN ISSN P RINT 1392-8716, ISSN O NLINE 2538-8460, K AUNAS, L ITHUANIA 1797 is calculated by 8 1 0 T 6 6 J 5, (1) where 0 is the number of data T J is the discrete test data. The time-domain and frequency-domain graphs for different mill modulus control gains are

UNIVIB Ltd Mill chatter studies to discover the cause of

Univib Ltd Mill Chatter Studies To Discover The Cause Of

UNIVIB engineers have nearly 20 years experience in the troubleshooting of all types of strip chatter and mill vibration problem. We specialise in the hands-on (or should that be hands-dirty) measurement and analysis of the way a mill actually behaves under normal operating conditions, rather than trying to predict its characteristics from ...

Asymptotic method and numerical analysis for self

Asymptotic Method And Numerical Analysis For Self

12 H. Li et al. / Asymptotic method and numerical analysis for self-excited vibration Fig. 6. Bifurcation diagram of the nonlinear system with a time-varying clearance. 4.1. The rolling mill with a xed clearance Numerical analysis of self-excited vibrations of the rolling mill with a xed clearance is carried out. As known in Eq.

Reviews in Dynamic Characteristics of Rolling Interface

Reviews In Dynamic Characteristics Of Rolling Interface

Abstract Background Rolling mill vibration mechanism is very complex, and people havent found a satisfactory vibration control method. Rolling interface is one of the vibration sources of the rolling mill system, and its friction and lubrication state has a great impact on the vibration of the rolling mill

Chatter detection using principal component analysis in

Chatter Detection Using Principal Component Analysis In

Benhafsi Y. The use of vibration analysis tools to solve chatter problems on rolling mills and roll grinding machines. Proc. of Steel Rolling 2006, the 9th International and