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Smoothing Curves Trading Lumps And Bumps For Fair Lines

Smoothing Curves Trading Lumps And Bumps For Fair Lines

Jun 10, 2013 For convex curves, simply hold your piece flat on the table, and sand to your layout line, as shown in Photo C. For concave curves, the ideal tool to use is an oscillating spindle sander (Photo D). Whether a floor or benchtop model, a spindle sander accepts drums of different diameters to suit a variety of curves.


Bad Chad Convex Curves Vs Concave Curves

Bad Chad. 4 hrs . Today were going to demonstrate two different ways to find the highs and lows on a convex curve. Then well show an easy way to sand a concave curve using boat roller . 1.2K1.2K.

Smooth Operators 15 Great CurveHandlers That Wont

Smooth Operators 15 Great Curvehandlers That Wont

Jun 09, 2014 While sanding flat surfaces is a relative cinch, sanding curves is a different story. Making fair curves scratch- and facet-free requires a different strategy and the right sanding accessories. ... The 1-thick soft foam disc has plenty of give to conform to large-radii concave and convex surfaces, and the hook-and-loop backing makes it easy to ...

Sanding compound curves Hot Rod Forum

Sanding Compound Curves Hot Rod Forum

Dec 29, 2009 76 Posts. 4 Dec 28, 2009. Durablock Scuff Block. Try this one. Its quite flexible. I use it on sharper curves. AF4405 Scruff Block This block is designed for sanding and prep work. It allows for easy use and much improved durability and firmness. Size 1/2H x 2-1/2W x 5-3/8L.

Body guys Sanding convex surfaces The HAMB

Body Guys Sanding Convex Surfaces The Hamb

Jun 11, 2005 yourself alot of sanding work. First start by sanding ,cross hatch wise, across the panel, left to right in , say 12X12 sections, much like typing on a page. Once you have made it to the bottom of the panel, and having achieved a good general shape, start again at your top left and sand top to bottom, over the previous cross hatched pattern.

concaveconvex body panels sanding to contour

Concaveconvex Body Panels Sanding To Contour

For tight radius convex curves does the v-shape/round style sanding block work better than than the round or rectangle block?. We use them all. The teardrop block is rigid and doesnt flex which is good for certain jobs and the round and rectangle blocks do flex and are good for other jobs.



Sanding of curved surfaces - time money saver. The flexible tool plate creates an ideal convex or concave curve when filling or sanding.

Making a concave curve smooth Woodworking Talk

Making A Concave Curve Smooth Woodworking Talk

Dec 04, 2019 I was thinking it was convex, not concave. The best way Ive found is to make a sanding block with the same curve as the inside shape and hand sand it. You can find flexible sanding

Sanding concave surfaces WoodenBoat

Sanding Concave Surfaces Woodenboat

Nov 06, 2014 I have concave and convex spokeshaves, and for finishing sanding use propriety foam pad based sanding blocks. But the between one and the other scrapers are the best as 15 and 16. 11-04-2014, 1006 AM 24

Tips to Sanding Irregular Surfaces WoodWorkers Guild of

Tips To Sanding Irregular Surfaces Woodworkers Guild Of

Oct 26, 2021 As much as everyone seems to dislike the sanding phase of a woodworking project, all sanding is not created equal. When we are sanding on flat surfaces such as a table top, at least we can use a belt sander, sheet sander or random orbital sander to power though the process.

Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone Online Disc Sanding

Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone Online Disc Sanding

This is particularly useful when sanding convex curves. Figure 17-2. Mount a seond disc on the upper auxiliary spindle and youll have two different abrasives available. The extension table supports the stock. A very practical setup is shown in ...

Are there wood planes for curves The Art of Hand Tools

Are There Wood Planes For Curves The Art Of Hand Tools

Yes. They are called compass planes (or circular plane, ships plane or radius plane). These tools have a rich history, used by ship builders, carriage builders and furniture makers throughout history. They are unrivaled by other planes and sanding blocks for smooth, sweeping curves. The compass plane is used mostly as a shaping plane, similarly to the way a jack ...

How to get Perfect Body Panels with Block Sanding

How To Get Perfect Body Panels With Block Sanding

Feb 16, 2015 Curves. So how do you sand around a curve with a flat block? The important thing is you want to sand across the face of the curve, like a boat sailing up and over a wave, not alongside of it. If you block along the curve all you are doing is sanding more groves into the panel and changing the shape of the curve itself from the factory contour.

How to Sand Wooden Furniture How to Stain Wooden

How To Sand Wooden Furniture How To Stain Wooden

Sand convex curves carefully along the curve, pressing lightly with your fingers and being careful not to damage any adjoining surfaces or edges. To smooth concave curves, use a piece of dowel the same diameter as the curve. Wrap a piece of sandpaper around the dowel, and push it carefully back and forth along the curve. ...

Thoughts on Sanding Curved Surfaces FineWoodworking

Thoughts On Sanding Curved Surfaces Finewoodworking

Sep 27, 2021 Concave and convex surfaces are usually sanded by hand with a custom built sanding blocks. This block is custom cut to match the curve and sandpaper is attached in a removable fashion to allow running through grits.

Technical Any tips for sanding convex compound curves

Technical Any Tips For Sanding Convex Compound Curves

Nov 26, 2017 Technical Any tips for sanding convex compound curves? Discussion in The Hokey Ass Message Board started by 31Vicky with a hemi, Nov 26, 2017. Joined Nov 11, 2008 Posts 25,204. Profile Page. 31Vicky with a hemi. Member. from cleveland ohio. These things are kicking my ass and taking my lunch money. ...

How to Sand Curved Shapes Todays Homeowner

How To Sand Curved Shapes Todays Homeowner

A drum sander chucked in a drill works great for sanding curved objects, such as shelf brackets. Drum sanders come in various diameters and consist of a soft rubber core covered by a fine, medium, or course grit sanding sleeve. To make and sand shelf brackets Cut the brackets out using a jigsaw, saber saw, or bandsaw.

Smoothing concave and convex curves Woodwork Forums

Smoothing Concave And Convex Curves Woodwork Forums

Apr 21, 2021 The curves vary in radius, but are around the 300-400mm radius. I am having a lot of trouble getting the curves smooth, on both sides of the cut. I have used my Makita jigsaw with a Festool timber curve cutting blade, and also used a bandsaw, but the end result after sanding by hand with a sheet of sandpaper folder in four is a series of bumps.

Abrasive Sanding Peachtree Woodworking Supply

Abrasive Sanding Peachtree Woodworking Supply

Flat Pad for Convex and Concave Curves Sometimes we just need a little more rigidity than just the paper by itself. With this flexible pad you tend to feel more comfortable when sanding broader curves. The pad acts as a buffer as well as giving you the ability to add more pressure when needed.

Rockler Contour Sanding Grips Rockler Woodworking and

Rockler Contour Sanding Grips Rockler Woodworking And

Each Sanding Grip has a convex profile on one end and a concave profile on the opposite end. The two ends are connected by a narrow flexible section that provides a comfortable grip, and can also be used for sanding. Made from a flexible rubber that adapts to minor variations in diameter. Grippy texture prevents abrasive slipping and hand fatigue.

Forming Convex and Concave Surfaces Router Techniques

Forming Convex And Concave Surfaces Router Techniques

Mar 22, 2021 If this is all a logical progression, then the next step is to machine rises and depressions, using the same basi c technique. If the tracks arc cut to a concave or convex curve, the router carriage will rise and fall (or fall and rise, as the case may be) as it is advanced along them.

Curved Walls and Barrel Ceilings Fine Homebuilding

Curved Walls And Barrel Ceilings Fine Homebuilding

For curves with a tight radius (less than 32 in.), dampen the drywall so it can conform to the tight curve without breaking. Using a garden sprayer, a sponge, or a paint roller, apply water to the side that will be compressed around the curve (i.e., the back of the panel on convex curves).

5 Great Sanding Tricks Popular Woodworking Magazine

5 Great Sanding Tricks Popular Woodworking Magazine

Mar 07, 2020 Place the wedge on the block in its in-use position, trace around it, and then cut the wedge shape out of the block. To use, cut a strip of sand paper to length and then wrap it around the block, with both ends of the paper in the cutout. Insert the wedge to stretch and secure the sandpaper in place. This design also works for flat ...

Smooth Curves with Hand Tools FineWoodworking

Smooth Curves With Hand Tools Finewoodworking

Jun 06, 2013 Some furniture makers get frustrated by this task and resort to sanding, but that can be dusty and tedious and can fail to yield fair curves with crisp surfaces. If you are new to curved work, follow the advice of Jeff Miller Use this handful of basic

Gerrys Curvecaster sanding board Flex Lock and Sand

Gerrys Curvecaster Sanding Board Flex Lock And Sand

Gerrys sanding board is made of tough flexible nylon. The patented design of Gerrys Curvecaster puts the control of the /flex/ in the hands of the user when sanding and leveling bodywork on contoured curved panels. The Curvecasters two-way /flex/ design is really three boards in one, it can be used locked, unlocked or semi locked. Semi locked mode allows the front of the board to float ...

NEW ScrollSanders Olson Saw

New Scrollsanders Olson Saw

ScrollSander belts rapidly remove bumps, burns, and feathering, and correct wandering from a cutting line. They also work great on curves, concave or convex edges, and can reach into intersections. ScrollSander belts come with pin and plain ends in 1/4 and 1/2 widths in

Contour Sander Arbortech

Contour Sander Arbortech

The perfect alternative to sanding by hand. The Arbortech Contour Sander is a revolutionary attachment tool for sanding deep profiles, contours and detailed wood work. The random orbital sanding action combined with the patented flexible backing pad creates a perfect finish without scars, scratches or blemishes. Finishing/Sanding.

Airfield Models Sanding Blocks for Model Building

Airfield Models Sanding Blocks For Model Building

These are great for sanding areas where a standard block wont fit. For example, a paddle sander made it a lot easier to sand an airfoil shape on cabanes. Sanding Paddle Pattern (45 Kb) This is a blending/contour sander I made for sanding large convex surfaces such as fuselages.

Dual Angle Sanding File Set Multiple Grits Set of 9

Dual Angle Sanding File Set Multiple Grits Set Of 9

Micro-Mesh Dual Angle Files Sand Complex Curves and Narrow SlotsThese softly padded, double-sided flexible files let you sand convex or concave curves, small slots and other hard-to-sand shapes without gouging or scratching. Each end of the file has a 15 degree taper for deburring, sanding and polishing hard-to-reach areas. Use them on wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass and most other materials.

How to Cut Curves in Wood DIY Family Handyman

How To Cut Curves In Wood Diy Family Handyman

Sand the curves smooth with a belt sander or random orbital sander. When you have several identical curved parts, the best way to sand them is to stack them and sand them all at once. Youll save time and the parts will all match perfectly. The wider surface keeps you from rounding off edges. If the parts require a lot of sanding, a belt ...

Sanding Concave Surfaces With DIY Foam PadRandom

Sanding Concave Surfaces With Diy Foam Padrandom

Step 3 Attach Sanding Disk to the Other Side. attach sanding disk (sand paper out) to the other side of the foam. now you have a thickened piece of sand paper backed by foam that can follow concave and convex surfaces. Ask Question.

Sander Used in Particular for Sanding of Flat Concave

Sander Used In Particular For Sanding Of Flat Concave

The sander for sanding particularly of the flat, concave and convex surfaces and the method of its usage is based on the fact, that the sanding tool (paper, linen or other carrier with sanding abrasive layer) is pressed onto the grinded surface by means of a flexible pressure plate able to copy the concave and convex surfaces with the possibility to set accurately the radius of this curve.

POWERTEC Flexible Contour Sanding Grips Set with 3

Powertec Flexible Contour Sanding Grips Set With 3

Aug 14, 2021 Introducing the Flexible Contour Sanding Grips Set by POWERTEC. This versatile ensemble was designed to provide you with a compact, yet highly proficient means of sanding convex and concave surfaces. It features 6 uniquely shaped sanding pads, along with 3 differently sized flat foam pads to help you tackle those hard to reach small, intricate areas.